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Can the fear of getting a desease or getting pregnant ruin my sex life?

I mean what are the chances that it actually happens???

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    well getting a disease, pretty good, getting AIDS, not that good but still dont take teh chance. not with pregnancy either. practice safe sex, strap a condom on your guy and you will b just fine ;)

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    Irrational fear can certainly ruin your sex life. What you need to do is address this fear by taking the appropriate precautions. If getting a disease or causing a pregnancy is of special concern to you (and it should be), then educate yourself.

    Don't engage in risky behavior. Take the proper precautions. But don't let fear cripple you.

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    By the age of 25 the majority of the public has or at least has been exposed to something nasty.

    Odds are not in your favor (although if your worried about publisized things such as AIDS, its extremely unlikely)

    Be safe.

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