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Should I quit my job?

I started working with at this company about two weeks ago, and I overheard my mngr trying to get rid of me already. I havent done anything wrong, and I actualy havent done any work yet as I am still being trained. Unfortunately, I haveent meshed well with the team yet as it has only been two weeks. People have been talking about me getting the boot and I have been overhearing my mngr talk to the director about transfering me out of the dept or letting me go. I am tempted to quit as I dont think I want to work for someone who is going to judge me on just two weeks of being in a new job.

What do you think I should do? Should I confront my boss? Should I quit or let them fire me? HELP!

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    Well, it wouldn't be good to quit after such a short time, and it also wouldn't be good to be fired. Instead, why not think about taking some initiative, and ask your manager if s/he has 20 minutes or so to talk with you. Don't go in with either a positive or a negative predisposition. Simply ask the boss how s/he thinks you're doing so far, and if s/he can recommend anything you might do to improve your performance. Listen to what the manager has to say. Don't argue. You'll get a more direct idea of how you're doing, and what you can do to improve. You'll also impress them that you're serious about doing a good job.

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    I'd have to know more about the company before giving you a true answer (although I realize giving that kind of information in a public forum is a dangerous idea far as work ethic...but e-mail me at with details and I will try my best).

    My simplified answer is firstly, make sure to ask your boss and employees what you can do better and only ask further questions if you are fulfilling everything they say you need to improve on.

    Secondly though, you say you are still being trained yet being threatened by other team members as losing the job, so it must not simply be a performance or "skill alignment" issue. My best guess is your performance is fine but your social skills and networking position (IE how much team members enjoy talking to you and how well you know them) is the most important real "problem" you need to handle.

    I once worked internship at a small company where all the members knew each other from college and I was the only person from outside that college (our of about 3 other interns).

    Despite my being the second best coder there out of about 5 people, I almost never got invited to corporate events and only got paid when I accomplished projects no one (including the senior employee and best/"lead" coder there) could figure out. The next job I got, I asked people about themselves and cracked jokes (and the kind of jokes about business systems that showed I knew those systems) from day one...boy did it make a difference.

    My advice to you is to simply joke with the team members when they joke, don't mope around thinking you're screwed or overwork yourself trying to "make up for it" might even want to try talking to your team when their walking behind you and say "Hey, here's (that person's name) favorite micro-manager" or joke about a problem everyone's been dealing with...let them know you're human and realize they are human.

    Acting like a "robot", no matter how skilled you are, is a sure way to get booted...just cool off and don't worry about it so much and people will stop seeing you as "prey".

    On the other hand, if you loosen up and keep up with your hard work and they still bully you, you state to them loud and clear "You should tell me what I need to do better how does this help you and I work to build me into the kind of person you want to keep...if you don't tell me I will quit because I want to become a good employee & deserve an employer who will help me fulfill my potential" and they are still silent, you should leave, however.

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    Simply put - You can't win a fight with your boss.

    What you can do is find out what is expected of you, and try and do that or more. Make your boss look good and you are golden. Clarify your role and responsibility in the group, don't be defensive, and try and learn from this experience - no matter what the out come.

    Do some Reading on emotional intelligence - it is a way of understanding people that works.

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    If you don't have another lined up, I would wait. You may think about looking for a replacement job but you may be lucky and get transfered to a different department where they may find you as an asset.

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