more trouble with my linksys WRT54G router?

i got a Linksys WRT54G router and i got to step 10 were i have set my administrative password. i typed admin for both the "password" box and the "confirm" box and when i hit next, it says "unable to connect to router. check the cable connection from the computer to the router." what do i do next? thanks

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    The guy above me has it right. If this problem keeps occurring though, it could be a faulty Ethernet cable. So if it keeps occurring, you will have to replace the Ethernet cable.

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    Check your connections. and what happens if you leave them both blank and hit next(admin is the default password). Try pressing the reset button on back of your router and holding it for 20 sec. Then start again. I have the WRT54GS and I have never had any problems connecting to it. Have you tried starting IE and in the address bar enter and press enter. That should get you into the router. Linksys has good customer support give them a call.

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    Just open IE and go back to the router's config page. Don't be so easily discouraged. Sometimes people lock themselves out of their router temporarily while the router restarts after making changes. Don't panic. If you are changing wireless settings on the router from a wireless computer, you will lock yourself out until you change the wireless settings so that they are the same on router and computer.

    If you change the LAN IP scheme, then you alienate the computer you are on. You will need to change the ip address on the PC itself accordingly. Do an ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew if that's the case, and you are using DHCP. Otherwise set your PC IP manually to match the router.

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    Your modem could desire to have a community cable (large fat telephone cable looking ingredient) make constructive it truly is plugged into the uplink or information superhighway port on your router. reset or (capability on and rancid) your modem. you may turn off the router once you're at it. interior of reach basically ability in basic terms that, the router has created a LAN (interior of reach area community) yet that community isn't hitting the internet using a pair disconnect between it and your modem. could call your ISP yet i think of you in basic terms could desire to envision your connections.

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