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ok so i shaved "down there" bout 3 days ago and..........???????

Ok so bout 3 days ago i decided to shave all of my pubic hair and so i did. and now today i decided to shave there again cuz it started growing back a little bit. But when i did it seemed like the hair was to tough. and i was using a new good razor. i tried to shave it but it just tugged at the hair and it bleeded in some spots. y is it doing this? what can i do

(besides waxing)

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    Well get some medicated powder (link below) and sprinkle some on the area. This will stop the bleeding and cool down any razor burn. Next time (if you decide to do it again) wait about a week before shaving it again. this gives the hair a chance to grow back. If you want to keep it neat and tidy between times "Trim It" This makes the hair short without razor burn or bleeding.

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    Start by only shaving once a week. You need to 'toughen' the area up, let it get used to being shaved.

    Start buy trimming the hairs as short as you can. Hop into the shower or bath and soak the hairs with hot water for 5 - 10 minutes, this softens them and opens your pores. Apply shaving cream and using a new razor shave with the hair growth. Apply more shaving cream and shave again against the hair growth for a close and smooth shave. You might want to skip shaving against the hair growth the first few times if your skin is sensitive. Make sure you dry the area completely and apply Vagisil or any corn starch powder. The powder helps prevent razor burn, chaffing and ingrown hairs. Apply the powder before bed as well, and anytime during the day if you feel it's necessary.

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    oO.K. U Shaved, Not a Good Thing, especially if u have open cuts, sexual & the condomn brakes open, u are in a state of blood contact if he has an open sore. Don't Plse do it again &

    start with a mirror below cutting unwanted pubic hairs! Sorry this happened to u but a girl friend did the same thing & regretted it. Sweetie, you'll be itchy down there for a while & if

    I were u I'd obstain from sex till the cuts clear up, maybe apply some polysporin to heal them quicker it won't sting.

    All My Best, & I Wish U Well

    LOL, Diana

    P.S. Plse be carefull not to get infection there, peroxide or alcohol wipes.

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    i have had the same problem and a friend of mine told me to go to this web site and they have a conditioning shave cream called coochy. it really works and i dont have the problem anymore. and also use a mans razor like the one that vibrate and have 4-5 blades. it stimulates the hair and well it just works better. mens razors are mad for tougher hair.

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    Pubic hairs are thick and when you shave small lengths, it is difficult since they are strong. Use lots of shaving cream and lather up and then shave. It will come nicely. Be careful, there are quite some sensitive parts there with uneven surfaces and protrusions.

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    Your skin is in "shock"!!! just don't shave for about 5 days. As for softening the hairs, try Jergen's Naturally Smooth hair minimizing lotion. It really does work!!!

    Hope this helps.

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    Really, waxing is the only thing you should do. You can really hurt yourself and cut yourself in some sensitive spots with a razor! Plus, razor burn down there is not really that attractive.

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    Uhm, try a guys shaving cream and a guys razor- they work much better. and it wont cut you..since its used for a guys face..really it works much better. and do it under water-Like in the tub or somethion

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    I don't think you should shave it that often. Try keeping it trimmed and shave once a week or something like that.

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    just dont do it too often cause it can cause razor burn

    try doing it every 4 or 5 days

    use neosporin too

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