Why did the US MNT change its squad after the CONCACAF final squad?

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    Bob Bradley wanted to use this Copa America as a learning experience for the young players, so thats why he left off most of the Gold Cup roster. Even with their best players the US still wouldnt have beaten Argentina or would have a chance to win the Copa America. The US always chokes at major competions and not taking their best players is just an excuse for when they get killed like today.

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    Yeah, which is why Argentina, with a full team, was struggling in the first half against the US. C'mon, it is a learning experience for the younger players. I won't make excuses for the the USA, but just like the World Cup versus Italy, they showed with the right combinations and chemistry, they can contend with the best.

  • Drake
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    1 decade ago

    A lot of the European based players were not going to be released by their teams to play in both tournaments. Pretty much they had to either play in one tournament or the other not both.

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    It doesn't matter, didn't you see them??? They would have lost with the same score.

    No team or goalie in the world could have stopped those goals!

    And Kasey Keller, I mean he is really a very reliable and tuff Goalie, if those goals passed him like that, they were frigging unstoppable.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The guy above me said it all!!

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