I was thinking on going all white for my bedspread and sheets... white down, help me out please!?

See, my bedroom is a very rich and elegant french bistro theme. There are dark browns and oranges, yellows and golds... I have always wnated an all white bed and sheets, yet I am afraid that it would look lost with the chocate colors. Do any of you have an all white bed with vibrant color schemes? Thanks!

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    Yes, but make sure your bedspread and pillows are very fluffy (puffy even) and not flat ... if you've got a flat bedspread/quilt it will indeed look 'lost' -or I'd say 'deflated' rather than inviting. You could get or make shams with gold or yellow edges. And a dark brown bedskirt? (But, that wouldn't be all white, would it?) I see no problem with crepes in a french bistro:) Good luck!

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    Maybe a white down bedspread with light brown or gold sheets. I would use some pillows that matched your sheets.

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    I have all white bedding - My duvet cover that is folded at the foot is a light butter yellow. My apt has different woods and all brown and ivory. Looks fine. easy to clean b/c you can bleach. You can always get a "trim" on your sheet set with a solid color block. pottery barn and garnet hill and restoration hardware has options.

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    1] get the all white stuff - definitely in a puffier version

    2] add pillows in the brown, orange, yellow and gold to toss on the bed

    This will tie it all together nicely.

    3] add a trunk or chair with a combo of the brights on it, maybe?

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