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Sometimes i wake up with sticky wet sheets should i tell my mom?

im rly confused

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    Sweetie, you have reached puberty.... And are having "wet dreams." That's when you get an errection and then have an orgasm while you are sleeping releasing semen. It's perfectly normal. It happens to all young men when they reach puberty.

    You can tell you mom if you want.

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    Its a wet dream!. It happens to you because you are in stage of puberty. And yet you are not sexually active thats why you release semen. Maybe you try to masturbate sometimes so the wet dream thing won't happen again, anyway Masturbation is healthy. Your mom don't have experience on that. Better to tell and talk about it with your dad if you're really confused, and not with your mom. Ok? So, goodluck!

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    Well that depends on how old you are. It is only normal for guys to get wet dreams it has to do with the acetylcholine that is released during sleep. Since you are still getting wet dreams that means you not sexually experienced yet. My advice to you is just was the sheets, dont bother your mother, it will go away soon enough

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    You have nothing to worry about. Just some "wet dreams" and your body has done something very natural. Just change your sheets and, after awhile, you wont have a problem with that. You have ejaculated during one of your dreams and that is what is sticky. Just change your sheets and, like I said, after awhile you wont have that problem.

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    ok man i got a couple of things to tell ya #1 dont worry its nothing serious #2 ur just probably goin through puberty and that sticky substance u were saying is sperm.and the only person on my advice u should talk to about this is ur dad with ur mom she has no idea what to say it never happened to her but ur dad is a male he once went through the same stage.

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    It depends... how's your relationship with her? Will she freak out or is she pretty "with it?" If you feel comfortable talking to her about personal things, she'll probably be fine about it... it's pretty normal after all. On the other hand, is you don't tell her and the sheets end up with stains, she may figure it out on her own. On the other hand, if she's likely to get freaked out, you could always start doing your own laundry... just remember to pre-treat.

    Good luck!

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    You really don't need to tell your mom. She will see it eventually and it is absolutely normal so do not be embarrased. If your not sure about what is going on with your body, you certainly should be able to discuss this with your mother or father and honestly ask them to help you understand what is going on. Any good parent will gladly help you out. If they are just not available to you for that kind of stuff, look to an uncle or trusted teacher. Good luck my friend and welcome to sexual maturation.

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    You really shouldn't have to explain anything to your mom , she probly knows I doubt she would ask you to explain. If your that worried about it then do your own laundry or masturbate more often it may slow down or stop your wet dreams.

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    you have had a 'wet dream' it's perfectly normal, the sticky goo in semen. your mom wont care, maybe she would do a better job of washing it out.

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    well, your mum will know, nothing surprise her as your dad will have wet dream too. She realize that her son has grow up in order to have wet dream.

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