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Is this a Hallmark moment or what?

Valentine’s Day

Card by card,

Rose by rose,

Poem by song by year,

There are times I have a plan,

Sometimes I play by ear,

Hand to mouth or

In the flush or

Someplace between

I celebrate my love for you

Where we can be unseen

A child will make a valentine

With paper, lace, and glue

I paste together words and tunes

To show my love to you

So here I am

With heart in hand

And though my words are few

My simple song will not take long

To pledge my love anew

And give my heart to you.


This is a quick song I wrote last year. She divorced me anyway--go figure.

Update 2:

Thanks, Paint. Sigh! A poet's work is never done...

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    get rid of the last line, or swap it with the second to last one.those 2 lines aren't fluent at all, but otherwise i liked it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, she obviously didn't divorce you because you are a bad poet or song writer! This is awesome! It is rhythmic, lyrical, melodic! It captures the silliness of forcing sentiment and the truth behind real sentiment. It captured my imagination!

  • Chaz
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    1 decade ago

    A shame we could not hear it as the song you wrote it to be. It really is good...

  • 1 decade ago

    so sweet my teeth hurt! I may be going into diabetic shock....

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