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should i get 2 small kissing fish and 1 angel fish?

10 gallon tank

10 gallon filter

20-60 gallon air pump

normal amount of gravel

a little can the can go in

and a little "No Fishing" decoration

thermometerand soon i am getting a heater

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    Definitely; good tank qualifications, and, very cute fish to go with it.

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    I already answered this once, so here it goes again. In a 10 gallon tank, you can't fit a single Goldfish (you already have 3 in there and you are killing them), the "Kissing Fish" is a Kissing Gourami and they get nearly a foot long. So you can't have Goldfish or Gouramis. The Angelfish needs a bigger tank too. They get 6 inches long and even taller. They will get very stressed in a tiny tank where they almost touch rub against the gravel as they swim. Try something easier. Put in a Dwarf Gourami (gets 2 inches), some Tetras (Neon Tetras are cool. You will need 5 or more Neons). Also, you might like a pair of Yo-yo Loaches (not Clown Loaches! Clowns get 12 inches, Yo-yos get 4 inches). Those fish will need a heater so make sure you have it set up first. Make sure to avoid Plecostomus or anything that eats algae, these fish poop like no other and they get huge (the common Plecostomus gets about 2 feet long). Good luck! email me at "".


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    you can get a power filter and you won't need the air pump. they hang on the back and are usually quieter (especially if you have it in your bedroom).

    i would suggest smaller fish. kissing gouramis grow to be 12" -- almost the size of your aquarium. there are lots of other gouramis you can get -- dwarf, honey, croaking or sparkling gouramis are all small and great for a 10 gallon.

    the angel is kind of iffy in a 10 gallon too. they grow to be 6" and 8" tall. i can't really recommend anything similar because their isn't anything. you could put in 2 dwarf gouramis and a school of black neon tetras -- that would be a good starter aquarium.

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    I'm afraid any one of those fish would probably outgrow your tank. The angel has the best chance and could be in a 10 gallon for quite a while, botht he 2 kissing gourami will outgrow the tank in no time flat.


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  • ann s
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    It's not the size of your tank that worries me so much, rather the fact that angels are carnivouris fish, they will give the kissing fish a hard time, angels do not have the best temperment as they grow into adults. good luck with your fish I hope this helps

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    Kissing fish are nice fish but can be aggressive at times. You don't want them to fin nip the Angel fish. Just watch them. I had two, one I had to take back too aggressive. The other was a doll, grew to be 3 1/2 " long & use to follow me around the acquarium when I walked by. Hated to get rid of it, but he was the only fish left & had him at least 3 yrsl They said he was the biggest kissing fish they'd ever seen. Grew so big because he was the only fish in a 15 gal. tank.

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    The Sign is a Cute Finish, and it depends on what ur "fish style" is

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    you need one gallon of water per fish other than that if they can co-habitate you are golden....i think it is a cute idea!!

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    never put an angel fish with anything other than more angelfish. they don't do well with other species, they're no angels. they tend to attack

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    get 1 flowerhorn instead. ^_^

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