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Meal Plan.?

I made this example of a healthy food guide. I need help on what I should fix.

Breakfast- 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese

english muffin w/ low calorie spread and all fruit jam

1 cup of fresh ruby red grapefruit juice

Lunch- turkey on whole wheat


cucumbers and brocolli w/ low fat dip

Snack- low fat milk

10 raw almonds

Dinner- California Sushi Roll (how much though?)

Cherries (how much?)

I want to know how much to eat of it, if I am lacking anything, if I have too much of one thing and so on. I will of course be drinking 64 ounces of water as well.

How much exercise is needed with this. I am a older teen female.

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    Good job at creating a meal plan, this will help you immensly. There are a few changes I'd make though. If you're having an "average" english muffin for breakfast, its probably empty white carbs. Instead have a 100% whole wheat english muffin. The low-calorie spread (some type of low-fat butter or margerine?) is also empty calories and may have hidden trans fats. Use either olive oil or olive butter instead, which is a healthy fat and actually tastes very good. Try it! As for the ruby red grapefruit juice, notice that the ingredients are more than just grapefruits. I don't know if you want to click this link...

    LOL, yeah its a lot healthier to have 100% fruit juice instead. Or fruit juice fortified with vitamins and no other added ingredients. Any kind is fine, calcium and fiber fortified orange juice is a healthy choice. Lunch looks good, but be careful what ingredients are in the low-fat dip. Its better to make your own dip with one part olive oil, two parts vinegar, some lemon, and herbs. Most store bought dips are, despite the fat content, LOADED with sodium and possibly added grams of sugar. Watch out for that. Snack, perfect choice. For dinner, the inside of the california roll is healthy, but the outside is not unless its made with brown rice. Many people get a blood sugar spike and crash after eating Asia food that only makes them hungrier, so avoid white rice at all costs. If brown isn't availiable, just have Sashimi (plain fish). If you really want the California roll though, about six to eight peices is a fair dinner, along with some raw cucumber salad and other fruits and vegetables. As for the cherries, 15 cherries is a serving and that's 64 calories. Its fine if you have thirty though, as that's only your third serving of fruit for the day. Good job, your meal plan looks healthy.

    Excersize, don't get caught up worrying about the calories your burning. You'll burn the most calories if you enjoy the excersize and are carefree about it. Studies prove this to be true. Just focus on getting your heart pumped and working up a sweat. You're getting a good work out if you have to breath hard and feel hot, but can still talk just fine. Aim for thirty minutes a day of heart-pumping activities. If you keep this up, you'll be healthy and feel happier because you're vitamins and electrolytes will be in balance. You don't say if you want to lose weight, but if you're overweight the pounds will come off themselves. If you aren't overweight, you'll just be healthy and feel good.

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    You can effectively create a balanced meal plan your self. Just comply with the meals pyramid, opt for occasions for each and every meal, and what quantity of servings of each and every meals institution you desire in eah meal. And keep on with it! Write it down. Plan your foods situated off of it the day earlier than after which comply with it. If that's too rough for you or an excessive amount of, then see a regional nutritionist or dietician. Example: Breakfast- at get up two grains one million protein one million dairy Mid morning- approximately eleven o'clock one million fruit Lunch- approximately two o'clock two grains one million protein one million dairy one million vegetable Snack- approximately four oclock one million grain and/or protein one million vegetable Dinner- approximately 6-7 o'clock two grains one million protein one million vegetable one million dairy Evening snack- approximately eight-nine (not obligatory) one million fruit and or one million dairy one million grain

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    Try that might be able to help you.

    How much exercise you need, depends on how much weight you want to lose. I'd say about 40 min of cardio 4-5 times a week, with 20 min weights at least twice a week- based on whether you want to lose more weight, you can change the amount of time/intensity.

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