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So this.....?

So this robot hamster comes and kicks me in the head he knocked me out and tied me up, I found a nail file and got free, I captured him and locked him in a padded cage, what should I do with him now?


you yanks are no fun....go fix your bloody attitudes. I am trying to have fun, give me a break.

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    Hmm good one pretty challenging.Leave him there for a day no food and nothing.Scare him off with severe threats! Tell him to sing the alphabet in french or you will throw him of into a river,or a sea full of sharks and whales!If he rejects play ping-pong with him or soccer with him!

    Hope this added more exciment and drama to your story! It was pretty challenging mate.

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    How does a hamster kick u in the head??

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have a question for you .Your 2 years old right?

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    Sell him on E-Bay or donate him to science

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    Go back to sleep because you aren't creative or amusing.

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