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Wireless connection question?

I installed my wireless adapter and did all the setup. Now my Wireless Network Connections says "connected", but I can't use Internet Explorer. It is NOT in work offline mode. I am using linksys and comcast wireless home networking just fyi. Any idea what is wrong? PLEAAAAASSSSEEE HEEEELP (im using another comp to post this question.

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    Is any security enabled on the router? Do the settings match on both ends? Are your dns settings correct? Are you using DHCP for IP address assignment? Those are things to check out. Sometimes a wireless device will say connected when you really aren't properly setup with the security and everything.

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    I think I know your problem.

    Are you using a router?

    If so, you need to do this:

    Open Internet Explorer, then type your IP address into the address field.

    you will need to enter your password that you assigned to this router before.

    Next, you need to go to the "Network Mode" link that's on the left hand side of the page you get after you log in.

    From there, select the "Bridge mode"or "bridging mode".

    Save/Apply this setting.

    Then close it all out and restart your computer.

    You should now be able to do it.

    Let me know if you are NOT using a router tho.

    Try it, and good luck!

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    On your computer, go to My Network Places and make sure the wireless connection is enabled.

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    Does IE give you the "page not found" or any other error message?

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