social problem....?

getting social is like a big deal for me...

I am nice to people and everything but they just dont want to talk to me...or maybe I dont give them chance to. I want to be able to make conversation with someone I just met. I'm always on hi hi and bye bye with everyone... nothing more. How can I stop being so akward around people and make conversations, CONVERSATIONS!!! not hi and bye, it pisses me of when I do that. I'm in college...I want to fit in. Not so many people here are so socially down like me.... a few tips will do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the best way to get around this believe it or not is act confident but not like a dick, ask them what the do for a job, social or tell them something that interests you. The best way to be approachable is smile, don't stand their looking glum, try looking around the room for others by themselves who probably feel the same way, have a couple of drinks for dutch courage and practise being social, if someone doesn't interact the way that you are seeking then don't take it to heart simply move along. Also body language plays a huge part in being approachable, stand facing the crowd, do not cross your arms and smile, also avoid crowding someones personal space, stay about 2ft away until you are actively engaged in conversation with the person

    Source(s): I used to be shy but now am not.
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    Dude, poverty is a social problem. This is just you being a ninny. It's okay, I'm a ninny too.

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    do you talk so much it wears thin on your listeners? i avoid a yakass whenever i can. : )

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