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My bf never takes me out. I only go to his house and we eat dinner & hang out there. Is he cheap/controlling?

no he's not broke. he has a good job.

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    If a guy never takes you out and he has a good job, there are many possibilities, and none of them are good. He may be married, he may be using you just for sex, he may not want to be seen with you, he may be abusive, he may be cheap, he may be controlling. Ask him why you never go out. If you don't get a good answer, leave him and don't look back!

  • There are some possible reasons:

    1. He's shy being seen with you by someone he knows.

    2. He's just the homebuddy type.

    3. Going out for him is a hassle for him.

    4. He wants the two of you to have privacy.

    5. He's just thrifty.

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    It seems like he is keeping your relationship on the down low for some reason. I think what would happen next is this. Make some reservations somewhere and then call him and invite him out, see what happens. If he declines, I think it would be time for a heart to heart talk. If he cannot seem to be anything other then a house date, it is time to move on to someone with broader horizons!

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    yes, i've had a few boyfriends like that. turned out most of them also had a secret drinking or drug habit. that is why you always have to go to HIS house. or they're just lazy and all they want to do is watch tv, eat or have sex.

    sounds like he doesn't care what you'd like to do.

    it can be a life style that lasts a you must decide if you can settle for that or get out of that situation.

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    Diana--find another guy--he is boring and you are tired of sitting around doing nothing--life is fun and there is lots to do--find a guy that wants to go out and have fun---he found you and feels you must like him or you wouldn't keep coming over.... time for a change--tell that loser goodbye

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    Maybe he just doesn't like to go out. I would prefer dinner at home any day. My work causes me to eat out enough.

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    maybe hes got anxiety issues & doesnt like to go out where there is alot of people. have you ever asked him- communication is one of the keys to making a relationship work

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    be careful hun. thats exactly how it started with my ex. he had money and never took me anywhere. then he started saying he was always working. he didnt even see me on valentines day. then the verbal abuse started and he was using me for sex. be very very careful. I would say best thing is to get out now.

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    Definatly CHEAP!

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    cheap yes...controlling I'm not s ure

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