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My computer is....???, my computer (like the Internet and everything) has a really big font. How do you change the size so it's back to normal???

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    If it is Internet Explorer, goto View on the menubar ... Text Size and choose your poison. If it your entire computer, you need to right click on your desktop and select Properties...Appearance tab and Fot Size. Or check your display resolution. HTH

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    Sounds like screen resolution is set too low. Use the right mouse button to click on a blank area of the desktop. Click on Properties. Click on the Settings tab. Change the screen resolution to the next higher setting. You'll get a prompt asking if you want to keep the new setting. If the font looks good the answer is "Yes!" Good luck...

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    also you may have to go display properties and change the font size.

    right click on desktop>>properties>apperance>>>>and font size drop menu

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