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I want to get an emoish hair cut and I have about an inch longer than shoulder length hair. What should I get?

Can you give a link to pictures or something like that so I can print them out and give them to a stylist??

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    here hun go with the classic:

    Get two layers on the top, one pretty short the other about above your ears. let the bottom of your hair keep its length. Then in the back you can stack it if you want it to be spike-able. when you get it cut just flat iron and use a pomade or wax to spike out random pieces and fluff it up.

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    get your hair about an inch shorter ,then cut it into layers that start at the chin...only two layers in the back and three in the front. cut your bangs your self but only down to the bottom of your nose. this is a great hair cut because you can either make it look emo or if your going somewhere you can't look emo such as church (acctually you can), buissness or something non-emo you can still put it up or make it look non-emo...if your hair is curly or wavy or even strait then use a straitener to make the layers flare out emo-like NOT PREPISH!!!!!!!! and comb the bangs to the side.....hope i helped Ps. what ever you do don't do the stupid long in the front short in the back spikey thing cause that is just not origional anymore too many people copy it and you can tell that most of them are posers.....and if your acctually going emo then dress like you expect it to be cold out ...and oh ya skinny pants are not emo they make people look like chickens but then again don't listen to me if you don't want to..and remember emo is from the heart k. and cutting is not part of it ..i know i know you didn't ask for a how to be emo guide just hair cutting advice i appologize if i have wasted your time ....but seriously do your own thing make it origional and go against the crowds set your own trends

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    check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Emo Hairstyles

    Hair Styles Tips

  • If you call it "emo hair" you obviously shouldn't get it. Besides, its a rather stupid look, since you can't even see because your hair is in your eyes. You might as well just cut shaggy bangs because that's all it pretty much is.

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    dang all you ppl are dumb its not "emo" emo is a type of music not stly it called "scene" dang get it straight

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