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what was something that you learned from someone from another cultural backround?

answers dealing with different cultures are always interesting :):)

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    The American "peace sign"(with two fingers) means something vulgar in England.

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    the value of history in Europe and the middle east.

    an Austrian was shown a building in America that was ment to be impressive because it was 300 years old. She said, "So? the well on my farm is 800 years old. There are castles a lot older too."

    And in Mexico I learnt to throw away my watch. If I am having a good conversation with a friend and that little machine on my wrist says I have to stop, should I listen to the time or to the heart?

    In Korea, the verb ending changes if you are speaking to someone you respect, or to someone who should respect you. We'll all get older, and to remember respect to the elders is an important cultural / social value.

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    When I was about 16 I worked on a ranch with a Mescalero lad of about my age. At the time I mainly learned about cowboying from him, and how hard and fast he could work compared to the two white lads and single Hispanic lad among us.

    Over the next 50 years I learned a lot more from him, and from the people I met through him.

    One of my favorite learning experiences happened at a powwow in Albuquerque where I ran across him and a couple of old San Carlos Apaches drinking on the tail gate of a pickup.

    During the course of the subsequent night I tried to explain the Y2K event I believed was about to happen. Curtiss and his buds loved it. Figured it would re-open the opportunities for running raids on the Rio Grande tribes, just like old times.

    Yeah, there's a lot to learn from people of other cultural backgrounds.

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    That is is okay to call a women of Islam----muslim. I always thought it was an insult to be called muslim, so i called them islamic... but that is not the correct terminology. I think that is always or should be acceptable to ask a culture a question if it will better your understanding of their perspective... I call it growth as a human and one step closer to cultural diversity .nic

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    It is considered an insult to wave at some Arabic people with your left hand.

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    When talking to some one from China never cross your legs so that they see the bottom of your shoe- that is insult

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    that not all people that were those turban things are muslims...they are a diffrent religion knows as Sikhs....acctualy pretty peacefull and had equal rights for woman (voting, dress, etc.) like 700 years ago....pretty amazing..

    Source(s): One of my friends is sikh and aparently from what i learned from him is that alot of ppl confuse sikhs for terrorists with the turbans but sikh are required to keep their hair by their religion and are indian nt middle eastern...
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    to keep my pimp hand strong

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