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Menstrual Cramps!?

Every so often I have cramps that are so bad that I throw myself around my house. Well today is one of those days! All day ive been crying and having weird food cravings (like cheese and carrots, together!) I dont know of any way to eliminate my pain other than Midol (which only works like an hour 1/2 after ive taken it)! I dont know what to do but is there possibly any work out that i can do or breathing exercises or anything of that nature that can help? PLEASE HELP!!

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    With pain that severe, you should probably consult a doctor. They may be able to provide a more powerful pain reliever, or give you some more insight into why you're experiencing so much pain, because that's not normal.

    Good luck!

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    You can try breathing exercises like similar to Lamaze but I would recommend ibuprofen and a heating pad. You need to take at least 600mg of ibuprofen for it to be therapeutic.

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    the smartest thing u should do is go to the doctor

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