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What is wrong with my Mom's Cat?

He is 8 years old and has been very healthy up to this point. Rescently he started coughing a lot. It is not the kind of cough like he is going to throw up or like he has a hair ball. It almost sounds more like a growl but is definately a cough. He does have an appointment to see his doctor (vet) on monday but I am just wondering if anyone has any expierance with this or can give me an idea as to what is wrong with him. My Mom is so sad and worried that she is might to lose her baby.

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    The cat is not dying (learn how to spell b4 u answer a ?).

    I'm sure he's fine. Keep the appt. with the vet for Monday. Keep an eye on him tonight and if he looks worse by like 1 tomorrow, or stops eating/drinking, starts vomiting, call the vet and tell them he needs to be seen before they close on Fri. Personally, I would call them anyway just to see if they can get you in sometime tomorrow. Good luck with your baby.

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    Might not be the same, but- Layla was wheezing, she's just a baby. Scared the daylights out of us, we went to emergency vet in the middle of the night. She had a URI, went to the vet, and THEN lost her balance a few weeks later, had an ear infection and was wobbling. I thought she had wobbly cat syndrome and would die young. So- Layla is fine, running around on top of my husband like a lunatic. She doesn't have wobbly cat, she's not dying, she just was sick. It might be serious, but you don't know that right now.

    Moral: you have a vet appt., so you're good cat-parents. You're scared because you guys love the kitty. OK- snuggle kitty, snuggle mom, and go to the vet on Monday before anybody panics. You'll find out and deal with it however you have to. :)

    One more thing- this could be a hairball, a cold, asthma- even if the cat is diabetic, that's treatable. Please don't panic before vet visit.

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    the place I stay in California, there are super puppy supermarkets like Petco and Petsmart. they have loose weekend clinics there interior the shop each month the place there's a vet on team which will answer your questions, and get loose photographs. If it rather is fairly not a threat for you, call around, it may in all probability ask your self you techniques many vets donate their time to those who won't be ready to have the money for it. one greater suggestion, attempt calling a college with a vet application and getting a carry of a professor or perchance a student that could desire to be prepared to answer a pair questions. i've got seen all kinds of peculiar issues with pets, in some situations they are allergic to the cleaners you utilize on the flooring, in some situations they get worried and strengthen coughing suits, in some situations they cough by way of fact of hairballs that they then re-swallow. and in some situations it fairly is severe. so, you are able to desire to fairly seem into getting a expert opinion, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it could value a touch $40 for a vet flow to. good success.

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    It could be just a common cold that animals get every now and then. Hopefully the vet will say it's nothing to worry about.. I'm sorry for your mother, I know how scary it is when your pet is hurting or you're afraid its going to die :(

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    Could be a cause of different things. Hard to say.

    Its good you are being a responsible pet lover and taking it to the vet. Good luck... God bless

    Tell your Mother to say a Prayer instead of worry!!

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    One of my cats has asthma; he just needs a shot every month or so and he is fine. I dunno what's going on, but there is LOTS that could be wrong and is still really easy to take care of. Maybe he just has a sore throat or something. It is good that he is going to the vet, though.

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    Sounds like a hair ball. Get hair ball remedy in grocery store. Get the kind in a cylinder you put the paste on your finger & they lick it off. They love it & it works! If your climate is warm, it's loosing it's fur to be cooler. Worth a try & I used it daily.

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    if he coughting a lot , i mean all the time, he has a bad cought , very treatable , try honey .it slow it down

    or cought meds for kids work well also , sounds like a chest infection , dont worry he will be fine .

    try not lettign him near people smoken , or hot places . liek the stove area ,

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    sounds like something really simple like us animals can get colds ..allergies and stuff im sure there is no worries and he will b fine

  • Maybe He Has "The Purple Disease"

    O you should worry

    he is dying

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