How to wire at older house for Cable TV?

How do i wire older home for Cable tv? Without having cables running through the house from room to room. And to you locate a good electrician that can do this job?

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    It all depends on how you want it to look your cable provider will install the outlets for you going through your crawl space and stapled on the outside of your house. It will usually run along trim and the edges of the house which will help disguise but it will still be able to be seen from the outside, they will then drill in to the room you want. The only problem with that is it can only be installed on a outside wall. If you want the outlet on an inside wall, than you need a wall fish. Most cable companies can give you the number of someone that can do it, they are usually pretty expensive but they will run all the wires through the walls and the attic and nothing will be visible from the outside. So it all depends the look your going for, if you do have it installed on the outside you can paint over the black wire with the house color and it will help hide the wire.

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    One of the easiest way to do this, and this is how most cable installers do it, is actually drill through the wall and bury the cable outside right near the foundation.

    Yes, an electrician can do a neat job, but you will have to pay for his services. In most places, walls contain fire-breaks where they place horizontal members across the studs at around your eye level. So, unless there is a closet or something behind the wall you want to place a jack, it would be difficult to pass the cable to the attic. In some style of constructions, it is nearly impossible to do it after the house is already built.

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