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why does my stomach ache when ...?

why does my stomach ache after sex everytime?

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    I had kind of the same problem but it was during sex that I ached especially in my side and it only camee when we did it doggy style..anyway, the pain used to come and go but once it stayed and never went..I went to the hospital and I was tested for either appendicitis or something got to do with my female organs. It turned out that I had an infection in my womb and thats why it hurt when we were having sex. She gave me some antibiotics to clear up the infection and now I have to go for a smear. So I think that you should go to the doctors and see what they say cos its not supposed to hurt during or after sex so it obviously means something is wrong. Good Luck!!

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    Hi - I have the same problem, I get kindof an achey feeling afterwords, never during, just afterwards. After doing some research online, I've read that it could be due to several factors such as a tilted uterus (which my doctor has said that I do have), endometriosis, etc. It's always good to get it checked out, if you're concerned, especilally if you've ever had any irregular paps. Try doing some searches for it on Yahoo or Google and you'll be amazed at how much info is out there on it, apparently it isnt a rare thing.

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