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who is one performer who overcame hardship to become successful?

just trying to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizon

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    Ray Charles, Louie Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder.

    Ray Charles- he was blind and poor and was an African American man raised in the South before the civil rights movement

    Louie Armstrong- once again grew up in poverty and had to live before the Civil Rights movement.

    Johnny Cash- drugs were a major adversity for him.

    Stevie Wonder- he can play the piano well and he had to learn how to do it blind.

    Beethoven- he had to live with the curse of never being able to hear his best work.

    hope this helps

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    A more modern one,"Rodney Atkins, from orphanage to country star and the love that took him to the top."; Guideposts Magazine, Vol. LXII issue 5, July 2007; www.guidepostsmag.com

    Source(s): An old man raised in the country.
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