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me and this guy meet on a cruise. he was with all of his family and a bunch of his cousins. me and my friend hung out with them every single night. the first 3 nights we hung out as a big group all together having fun hanging out and what not. the 4th night me and this guy were hanging out the entire night. at first we were with people playing cards and he was showing me all these cool card tricks. he was really sweet. he even came to the room with me to get the cards, and nobody was in my room but he didnt take advantage, we went to go back to hang out with other people. then later we hung out alone and just talked the entire night. it was fun, and later on this other guy and my friend came to my room where me and the other guy were talking, and my friend was using the bathroom..and i really had to pee. so the guy came with me to his room just so i could go to the bathroom, and once again nobody was in there..and he didnt even take advantage..we just went back to my room to hang out with other people. then later on that night we did end up hooking up. and then he layed with me and slept over. before we even hooked up he asked me if we were gonna hang out the next night..and i said yes of course. so the next night came around..and my friend went to go get him from the casino..he came right away to my room..and sat on my bed..and i initiated me laying on him and then we started kissing..and he asked if i wanted to go to his room. we went to his room and were talking for a bit then i layed on his bed, he followed..and we were hooking up..he did everything to me..and then everything led to sex. he didnt really talk much during it..but i was paranoid if he had a condom on and he even let me feel just so i could be reassured. after sex, he got pants for me to wear and he walked me back to my room with his arm around me. we were about to go into my room but then his cousin passed. the 3 of us decided to go to the casino, and him and his cousin were rushing cause someone won money, but he kept looking back to make sure i was there..which was really sweet. :) i got tired and told him i was going back to my room. he said he would come back soon, and he did. he came to my room and he came to lay with me and sleepover. the next day he came looking for me to hangout.

do you think hes using me so far?

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    no he likes you..give it a chance get to know him more..stop giving him so much sex..deny him the sex and see if he sticks around..that will tell you if he really does like you or if he is using you..if he stays hes a keeper.

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    Only you can answer that..what is your gut feeling?..and what will happen once the cruise is over ? are you prepared for it just to be a holiday romance ?...Does he live close to you so you can continue seeing each other ? So many questions i know but you have to ask yourself that no matter what is happening now that if you can not continue this relationship after the cruise because of your locations then you are setting yourself up to be hurt..you have to talk to him about this or he will think you are just after fun..if you are just happy to see him while on the cruise and not after then just enjoy your time together..if not then be careful..you do not want to look back and feel used..good luck xx

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    Cruises are fun and meeting people and having easy sex is often the goal and the outcome---your story could be a book--what is the issue?? You gave up your body--had some sex--and then you want to know what??? If he is using you??? Of course--nobody goes on a cruise for NO sex---get over it--skip the drama or sell the story to Hustler magazine

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    I'll lay my Christian opinion aside on this....

    Really... it doesn't sound like he's using you... because he seems happy just to get to be around you. If he was using you, I'd think that he would be doing things like bragging about it, and trying to get away from you more often.

    If you do decide you like a Christian opinion....

    Something's badly wrong when 4 days after meeting someone you've had sex.

    But I'll go on the notion that this doesn't really get to apply to this situation.

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  • Anonymous
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    Sounds like he likes you and this may turn into a relationship.Although im not s star dater and im not sure,but he sounds like he likes you alot and you like him.Good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    if your not in a committed relationship and he's not either, just have fun....put the condom on yourself then you won't have to worry about whether he did or not

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    OMG this is like the 5th time i have read this question . . .i swear. . .

    . . Im not going insane am i. . .

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    Thats a good question...

    Now we need a good answer...

    How about you ask him...

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    no I don't

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