Paypal unauthorized withdraw?

I had gotten an non sufficient funds charge on my savings account. It had happened twice within a week of each other. I had talked to my bank and told them it was unauthorized. They did a stop payment and refunded both the NSF charges. The next day my checking account account had unauthorized transfer for $896.00. I immediately called the bank and all they said they could do was investigate it since the money was already transfered. I called paypal and they had no record of the transaction since only my checking account and only my debit card was listed. Well eventually they ran my savings account number and found it was linked to a e-mail that I was not familiar with.They said they would freeze my savings acct and my debit card #'s in their system and e-mail me an affidavit that I would need to print out and send it fhru the mail and not fax since its a secure matter. But now I'm out of money and bills are waiting to be paid with the money plus I'm overdrawn. What should I do?


Thanks for all the replies. I talked to one of the customer service reps at Paypal and they had linked my savings account # to an e-mail address I had never heard of and the lady on the phone said it looks like you've been a victim of fraud. So right now I'm waiting for the affidavit from paypal to sign and send back. I do have a little back up money and would like to thank Vault for his compassion in this matter. I'm just wondering how they got a hold of my savings account? Its snot listed in my Paypal profile only my savings and debit card.

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    You are the victim, and if you can prove the fraud, PayPal will promptly refund the money and all fees they caused. But that's no consolation to you - as until you prove the fraud, you're out.

    Talk to your banker, try and get a loan. You sound like you really can't afford this $900. I feel for you - I've been there.

    In the mean time, you need to find out who has access to your account numbers - did you loose a checkbook, is someone picking up your mail, etc. You may need to change to a Post Office box (in a real post office - not those mail places).

    I would also be pulling credit reports (you get one free per year from each of the three agencies) and checking for inappropriate items there too. Sounds like you are a victim of identity theft.

    Report it to the police.

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    I can also vouch for PayPal. The only time they will withdraw funds is if an account holder requests it specifically, or if you owe someone else that money. PayPal does not practice fraud or theft. Make sure, when you close your account, you delete all automatic or recurring payments (if you have any).

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    Can I verify paypal if I dont have a credit card ?

    My money is stuck in paypal and paypal has a sending limit, how do I get my paypal verified without a credit card ? My friend recently used this website helps, any cheaper alternatives ?

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    Do what they tell you to do to settle the manner

    None of us has any more pull or bearing on the situation

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    give us your address and we could all send you one or two dollars to help you out. I would be willing to help you. It is not your fault what happened to you.....

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