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Lisa asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

My father is very wealthy should I be angry because he won't pay for something that I need?

My father offered to pay for me to have Bariatric surgery last year, I did all the Dr. Appointments etc and 3 days before the surgery he backed out because of some law suit he is dealing with. He takes vacations all the time and buys his wife a new car like every year. I know my dad has the money. I owe many medical bills for this surgery that I did not have and he promised to help me with it when he could. He just returned from Jamacia a few weeks ago. Remember he offered to pay for this. I never asked. So I be angry? Sometimes I think he would have done it already if it wasnt for the biatch his wife.

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    talk to him without her around

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    Ya know Lisa, this all depends upon how old you are and what caused you to need this surgery in the first place. And after you have the surgery, are you willing to do the life altering things necessary to keep in good health? Your dad may see things that you aren' accepting responsibility for one. Being angry because someone doesn't give you something shows immaturity on your part. Your dad won't even know you are mad. What you need to do is sit down with him and talk. Stop with the whining, lay it on the table and ask where he stands in his promise.

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