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37 hours on a train, help! (what shouldn't i forget?)?

a notebook


books on tape




portable DVD player


oh and help! how do i get a sleeping room? are there places to wash my face a such? can i lock my room? how do i eat?

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    Wow. Long.

    Big bottle of water.


    Gravol if you're easily affected by motion.

    Nytol if you're a light sleeper.

    Forget the DVD player. It'll make you a bigger target for thieves.

    If you're traveling alone, be social, you can kill hours of time by chatting with new people (you might have made a friend for life). Or, don't sleep beforehand so you can whittle alot of time away by dozing.

    You can order a sleeper car (1-4 occupancy, but EXPENSIVE... has full bathroom, extra cost).... (with all sleeper trains, I believe you have to go to the station and buy it a few days before departure).

    I always get a couchette... it's much cheaper but you're 6 to a room in tight quarters & no privacy (if that bugs you... I found it fun). But all my info is based on personal experiences on couchettes.

    Bathroom = the bathroom down the hall, a little bit icky, but acceptable, no showers. You CAN lock your room (FROM THE INSIDE ONLY), but no matter what always be weary of your things. (Money belt is key). Make sure your bags aren't easy targets, lock them and stuff them far under your bunk, maybe bike lock them to something).

    You can get food on the dining car, convenient, but it's very expensive. Before you get on the train, stock up on food. Freeze bottles of water to keep the perishable stuff longer. Bread & cheese & juice & fruit & various snacks works well.

    Happy Travels!

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    You can reserve a sleeping room when you buy your train ticket, and your meals will be included in the price. Unless you get super-First-deluxe [which has ensuite washbasin and toilet], you'll have to go down the corridor to the bathroom.. and on long distance trains, most of these are pretty nice and clean. Take a hand-towel and washcloth and whatever cosmetics or toiletries with you in a washbag. Ask the car porter about locking your room...not sure how this works. Meals are in the dining car and snacks & coffee are available elsewhere in the train--usually by the lounge car [sometimes they show films at night with popcorn...they often have someone there to tell about what you're looking at during the a docent or guide]. Dining car food is usually pretty darn good...full brekkie, decent lunch, and usually a choice of meat things at night [I've eaten some dandy steaks on cross-country train trips]. Take along comfy shoes so you can trudge up and down the train and look at stuff and have solid footing under you as you wander.

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    37 hours on a train! Where the heck are you going?

    You can get a sleeping car by paying for one when you book your ticket. As for dining, there will be a dining car when you can take your meals or you can bring your own food and ration it off until you get to your final destination (I would stick to the dining car for easy dining).

    Can you lock your space? I would think you could but that's definately a question you'll have to ask the train company.

    Will there be a place you can wash your face? Yes, there has to be a bathroom on the train so don't worry about that. However, water on the train is often recycled so I'd take along baby wipes to wash your face instead. It's a lot cleaner and you can wash your hands and face without leaving your seat.

    Good luck and happy travels!

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    Try the site below for information on all things rail related.

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    Deodorant. If you don't know if there is food, FOOD.

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