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Do companies really pay you to fill out surveys online?

Or is this always a scam? I am desperate for extra money.

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    Not always a scam.

    With one organization, I complete surveys for which I given points. I redeem these points for gift cards to major retailers--so I am being paid.

    I earned enough "Best Buy" gift cards to buy a PlayStation.

    Here's a link to HarrisPollOnline Rewards - HIpoints

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    Sometimes its a scam, sometimes its sorta legit. Still even when its sorta legit the surveys take so long and the pay is so tiny thats its really a waste of time.

    I'd suggest looking to other things for making money - you don't get something for nothing (or almost nothing) with these things.

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    Online Surveys For Cash -

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    There are free to signup paid survey companies here:

    I have been paid from several of them.

    Survey Adventure, Greenfield Online, NetPanel, Memolink

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