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What does it mean when a girl jokingly tells people that I'm her boyfriend?

I overheard her once telling people that she and I were "close". She jokingly told me that she would go around and tell people that I'm her boyfriend. Another time, while on the phone with her brother, she again joked that she was "with her boyfriend".

I guess to a third person's perspective and my description, this means she wants to date me... however, I'm second-guessing myself because I'm not all that much to look at, and she has a tendency to be a overly friendly to everyone - including single guys that she has no intention of dating.

In a round-about way, I guess I'm wondering, if any girls out there have ever joked around like this and not meant much by it.

Thanks in advance for replies.

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    Shes desperate

    Shes trying to give you hints

    Shes trying to get attention

    She needs to say that for something dare or show that she have one?

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    "she has a tendency to be a overly friendly to everyone - including single guys that she has no intention of dating."

    This is the type of girl i hate. It doesnt mean anything most likely. Girls tend to lead guys on and push them aside when they get bored. They are maipulative.

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    you are just a close friend in her eyes. close enough that she feels safe enough to say "bf" to ward off any advances by unwanted boys or questions from nosey people. in a way, its a compliment that she trusts you. allows her to flirt, but it does get old after a while. you'll have to look for someone else as a real gf. sorry kid

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    this guy did that to me once. he told some guy i was his girlfriend, and when the guy asked me if it was true the other guy was like "ohh.. i was just kidding.." and i said "actually we have been together for a couple months now... HAH jk.. or am i?" that guy who said that admitted to liking me... so who knows i think she has a thing for you, dont get your hopes up though, you did describe her as overly-friendly, only way to know fer surree go ask her yourself, confront her and ask why she calls you her "bf"

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    its called, bantering, putting each other in fun roleplaying roles such as a boyfriend. What you should do, make the girl your girlfriend and join the crowd next time and tell the crowd,

    "Hey, you're my girlfriend now right? wait can you cook?"


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    This sounds like something I would do ^_^

    She's hinting. I may be wrong though.

    You should ask her yourself. Good luck!

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