I cant get my scanned emails to go.?

I scanned my ID Card to send to the bank but I cant get it to go. every time I try to send it, it says that the message was sent but then I immediately get a failure message in my inbox. My friend scanned my ID for me and email it to me from her house and I got the message, but if I try to forward the message to the bank the same thing happens. I am getting really frustrated and I need some help.

Also can you tell me how to properly attach a file or picture to an email, because I am not sure if I am doing it right.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    check the address of the bank, there might be some letters, missing on that id..it happened to me few times before and i have found out that i typed the wrong address

    attachment- go to ur reply or new message page, u will see attachment button in there upper left and attach files make sure u click on that button "attach files" again when uploading is done then click "continue to message"

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