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missionary position and 35 weeks pregnant...?

im 35 weeks pregnant and me and the dad still have sex in the missionary position. after we have sex my leg gets a lil numb like its asleep, is it bcz of the position? is it bad to do it missionary this far into the pregnancy?

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    it's probably because you are on your back and it weight of the belly is pinching your nerves in your spine, try being on top or spooning..

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    You can do any which way you like, even standing on your head! Even if you're in labour too. It's only the discomfort or mechanical impossibility of certain positions that will limit you. Many were women find "missionary position difficult as the belly grows and gets in the way literally. His penis may not be able to reach in the right place, or the women experiences pain or some other discomfort; just like you. It seems that between you, your belly and your man, some nerves are being compressed. No real harm unless it goes on for a long time. My advice, change position when the problem occurs. As I said, go at it till it's time to deliver. Have a ball!

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    I am 24 weeks pregnant and also enjoy that position but what we do to make it more comfortable is if you have a headboard or your bed is against the wall try to prop some pillows up against the wall and kind of sit up a little this way you are not completely flat on your back and that might help with your legs falling asleep. It is the same feeling but it is just more comfortable for you and your belly. Hoped this helped!! And congrats!

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    Early in all of my pregnancies, I was unable to have sex in the missionary position... I felt like I couldn't breathe. You're not really supposed to lay on your back, it doesn't allow for good blood flow to the baby. Try laying on your side with your boyfriend behind you, or even doggie.

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    I would really stay away from missionary position. I would stick with doggie style or woman on top.

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    No it isn't bad, but it can get uncomfortable, especially as you grow. When I got really big, our favorite was lying on our sides, as I experienced the same in missionary. Good luck and congrats!!!

  • I think it depends on how long y'all are in that position..

    Your leg getting numb is not a good sign, though..

    I'd say you'd probably want to find another position because you wouldn't want to possibly do anything that could harm your baby

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    How the heck are you even doing that???? I didn't know it was possible! I sure couldn't! :)

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