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I want to buy turntables for my boyfriend?

I have no clue what brand or what things are supposed to come with them. I am completely clueless. I know that this website"" is where i can buy them, but what am i supposed to buy exactly? He already has vinyls.

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    It all depends on what he will do with the tables. Is he into scratching or just mixing records? How into to it is he as real tables are not cheap. My pic of choice is Technics but they start at $400.00. I have been mixing/DJ-ing for over 25 yrs. You need to make sure it is a belt driven with pitch control and S shape arm......I sold my Tech's yrs ago but am now mixing as a hobbie on much cheaper tables and they are working fine. has lots to look at with a great range in prices.....good luck ;)

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    Technics are the "S" from what I hear.

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