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myspace experts?

okay i know that alot of people posted this question but i read all they questions and answers and nothing works

well for the past two - three days i could NOT ! log into my myspace and its making me crazy ; i tried everything deleting cookies ... checking if my profile got deleted ( it didnt ) and everything else people said to do & NOTHING works i really need help cause im guna go crazy haha

when i put in my email & password ( im positve its correct ) this is what it says " Too many failed login attempts for this email. Please enter verification code. " and i SWEAR i type everything in right !! i dont know what to do someone answer my question and give me the CORRECT answer !

thanks if you do : )

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    It has happened with many people lately I havent experienced it yet. Dont know if something went to crap since their last update.


    Try the retrieve password (forgot password)

    then copy and paste the pw exactly from your email and post it in you password for log in.


    If you have everything exactly perfect then contact myspace using your registered myspace profile email address.


    Its a glitch in their system thats just becoming more of a problem.

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    for the verification code, when you type it in... make sure you type everything lowercase and with no spaces!!!

    if thats what you did or you try that and it still doesnt work, try clicking the forgot my password button, and have it sent to you.

    otherwise, i know that myspace has been having a lot of problems lately and unfortunately you might just have to wait until they get it all figured out.

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    you assert you have not have been given a myspace soo thats slightly curious. my common wager is that somebody chanced on your digital mail and has created a myspace with is for "evil" =) purposes. it somewhat is beneficial to flow to myspace and put in all a risk emails and notice which one produces a password digital mail. then you could look at whats happening and delete the profile. you moreover would ought to prefer to alter you digital mail, as unhappy because it somewhat is.

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    same exact thing is happening to me!! what you have to do is go to forgot password. then they will send it to ur email. if you do not have that email then send myspace support your current myspace email address, your real email address, and a salute. (a pic of you holding a peice of paper saying friend id)) and ask them to change your email address. then you can go to forgot password and c if that helps. someone just might have your pw!!

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    Ask Myspace to send you your password.

    Then if it doesn't work, wait it out.

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    that happens to mine ats annoying. i just leave it for bout a day then come back.

    once u get it fixed add me:

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    could be somethin wrong with the computer also if there is another computer in your house use it!!!!!!

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