Can I use both , windows and linux on the same PC?

Is it possible to use both os on the same machine. one in one partion and the other on the other?If yes , how?.Which system will be used to boot the Pc? has anyone the knowhow and experience ?Is it worthwhile?

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    Yes. U can have both linux as well as windowns on ur pc. I am having three partitions.. one for linux.. one for windows 98 and one for windows xp on my system. it works well. Only whenever u switch on ur system.. it asks u which os u want to load ..

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    Yes you can. Install Windows first but leave an empty partition for Linux to be installed on. Install your personal preference of Linux. Linux has a bootloader that will let you choose which to boot in. You can customize it by assigning which one is listed first and how many seconds before it will automatically load the selected OS.

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    4 years ago

    easily, even in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, it rather is terrific if abode windows (or restoration) makes use of no extra advantageous than 3 known msdos partitions and not 4 partitions or proprietary abode windows volumes rather of partitions. known msdos partitions are constrained to a optimum of four prevalent or prolonged partitions, yet as lengthy as you have no longer have been given to any extent further than 3 latest partitions, you will create a protracted partition with distinctive logical partitions in it. Assuming the laptop comes with Win7, first only be certain you create any device, utility, or restoration disks (it could have a producer's utility to try this), seeing that maximum desktops no longer furnish working device disks. Then under something like administration kit, use abode windows very own Disk administration to cut back abode windows very own partition to launch some disk area. installation Linux interior the freed up unallocated area. by grub2 boot loader being fairly bigger than the DOS/abode windows mbr, there are often times themes of abode windows classes storing documents on what they "think of" are unused aspects of the mbr. yet optimistically the grub builders have a shelter on that for basic abode windows classes that try this. I had an argument with Dell DataSafe doing that, so on my laptop I actually have a typical abode windows mbr and positioned grub on a prevalent partition rather, marked by fact the boot partition. So the abode windows mbr boots grub on the partition, rather of grub interior the mbr.

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    I do know... I love experimentig with multi-boot environments (I even had 4 win98 runing on the same pc :P)

    you'll need at least 3 partitions (better 4) one with ext2 format to install linux, one with linux-swap fs (250Mb usually enough), another with ntfs to install windows and anotherone with fat32 to put all your files in. (that way you can see and edit all your files from both systems.

    Just install windows first and on the first partition (very important if you don't want troubles later on)

    then install linux and use its installer to format the ext2 and linux-swap partitions (it'll tell you how)

    and, from windows, format the last partition (probabbly D:) as fat32 to put your files in.

    once linux *sees* windows on the other partition it will auto configure the multi-boot thingy by itself. (if you can, choose Grub, if you have no idea what it is don't worry)

    if you want more help post your mail here and i'll contact you

    Install windows first.-

    recommended (roughly) 10 Gb for linux, 10 for windows, 300Mb for linux-swap, the rest for the files

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    1 decade ago

    well, I dont know about partitions, but you can have a boot disk that contains one operating system and start it off of that. That way you dont have to risk damaging the os you already have.

    for example, youd start up you machine with windows, and put in the luinux boot disk that would start linux. I dont know much more than that im afriad.

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    It is nothing but problems. Must be two of the same, Windows or Linux, not one of each. Not for mated the same.

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    If I may add, make your swap file twice or trice your total RAM, eg if your RAM is 512 MB, your SWAP partition should be at least 1GB.

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    yes i have Windows mac and Linux (ubuntu 7.04) on 1 hard drive.

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    Ofcourse you can use it...

    Check out this link

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