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are you mad because "Halloween" is being remade?

I'm angry. Rob Zombie is a punk and movies mean nothing to him. "Halloween" is John Carpenter's masterpiece.

When it arrives to theatres in August, I'm not going to see it. Rob Zombie has gone too far. Why mess with a classic? There's nothing wrong with the original. It's perfect.

Let me hear your opinions.

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    Guess you don't know what yer talking about... john carpenter's "masterpiece" has been a joke since the 3rd movie. 8 movies later and NONE of them lived up to the original. The best thing TO DO is get a GREAT director who knows gore and remake the original to jump start why it rocked in the first place. Oh wait, they already are doing that...

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    I agree with you totally. Rob Zombie thinks he is a movie producer. He is not a very good one. He needs to stick to what he does best. Whatever that is. The original Halloween is a remarkable film to be as popular today as it was when it came out. John Carpenter is a great director and visionary. And how could anybody do better than Jamie Lee Curtis? They need to leave the classics alone and come out with some new movies with new stories. The last ten or so years are not leaving many classics for future generations. They are just wanting to do remakes.

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    I'm torn on this one. Yes, I had hoped the original film would be immune from the remake craze. To me it is the best horror film ever made.

    But, Rob Zombie says he has a new take on the story, so I'll give it a chance. Even if it does disappoint, we'll always have Carpenter's crowning achievement.

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    I'm mad that MANY movies are re-made. Lately, it seems like every other movies is a re-make of an old movie or TV show! Planet of the Apes, Halloween, Dukes of Hazard, Manchurian Candidate, etc, etc...Can't these morons in Hollywood think of anything original anymore?

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    first of all, its not a complete remake. hes looking into parts of the story that were never looked into in the original. do u know how he got the mask? do u know how he acted in lock up? no, u dont, and rob zombie is going to explain all that, so shut up, and stop complaining like a little girl, and see the movie.

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    No, there's nothing wrong with the original. So a remake shouldn't color your opinion of it. If you don't like the remake, fine. But there's no sense in bitching about it. The original is still there, still revered as a classic and is never going away.

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    I like the original Halloween a lot. When the remake comes out in theaters, I am going to see it. I do think that most remakes are bad.

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    I used to like Carpenter and Craven as directors...but in their old age...they can't make a new movie they have to re-make their own movies...which are classics.

    such as The Fog,The Hills Have Eyes,Halloween.

    It's bad enough that some of the worst horror movies were re-made..The Toolbox Murders,Black Christmas etc...but now they are trying to take the best horror movies and re-make them...Halloween,Friday the 13th...and I heard A Nightmare on Elm Street.....STOP already.

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    im not incredibly pissed and outraged! the original was one of the best horror movies of all time and rob zombie is just going to ruin it. i heard he is gonna make michael meyers actually talk which ruins possibly the scariest thing about the movie. ever since i first saw it i was always scared to death of michael because of his creepy white expressionless mask and just the fact that he didnt say a word scared the crap out of me. zombie is going to ruin a classic. there's no way im going to go see the remake

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    well i am just going to see how good it is. to see if Rob Zombie dose a good job.

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