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any soccer drills or tips to improve my playing?

please tips and drills are appreciated.

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    this will help!

    i love soccer.

    practice juggling and sprints to work on your touch and speed. make it a goal to go outside everyday to practice and you will start making noticeable improvements =]

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    start with the ball directly in front of you. pull it back with your right foot, then pass it to your left foot using your right foot. use your left foot to pass it out in front of you again, then pull it back with your right. do the same, only use your other foot to pull it back.


    set the ball in front of you, and set one foot on top of the ball. then jump, putting the other foot on top of the ball and taking the first on off. then switch again. you should be making a motion similar to running up stairs, hence the name "stair-steppers." =) keep doing this, over and over again.


    put the ball between your feet. then make motions similar to what you did for stair-steppers, but do it on the side of the ball so that the ball moves back and forth between your feet. keep your feet pretty close together.

    do these for about 30 seconds each, then take a break, then do the next drill. so for example, you'd do left tri. pullbacks for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds, then right tri. pullbacks for 30, then rest, then do stair-steppers for 30, then rest, then do machine guns for 30, then rest. then do the same thing over again. quick, and pretty easy, but it improves your foot skills so much.

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    Work on the basics. Then from there you can do everything. you see the pro's do.Make sure you practice practice pracite

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