I like this girl and...?

I like this girl that sits beside me in math class, i know her a bit, but not all too well. How do i get her to like me?

are you going to answer with "be nice and talk to her" or something like "talk about things that interests her". or even "get to know her better"

O well, im just so interested in what you guys/gals say. Mostly guys though.

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    In all honesty, if she has even the slightest clue that you like her, it is going to be hard. Women fall for the guys we think we cant have....get a wingman...or shall I say wing woman..it's a girl that hangs out with you that other girls envy and have her talk about how wonderful you are and so on so forth. Women are difficult, but it is our way of boosting our self confidence. Oh and looks count to....good luck

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    The phrase "Get her to like me" sounds like control. You cannot get someone to like you.

    Talk to her. Do what others have suggested. Don't be anyone but yourself. If she finds out who you are and likes you, then you've succeeded. If she doesn't like who you are, then pretending is not going to help you.

    You'll know when things just click when you start talking to her. It may start slow and build, but then again every time you try to talk to her it may be awkward and she may not want you to talk to her. You'll know. The trick is you have to try at least. If you never make an attempt nothing will ever happen.

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    weell .. i'm a girl so i probably would know best for her point of view.

    Bring up the mall ... or a movie.

    Then listen to what she says about this.

    Mention you like a movie thats coming out in the theaters,, but first ask her what kinds she likes so you know.

    Do your research the night before about whats out in the theaters. Then say.. well i really wanna see this movie would you like to see it with me. Then work your magic there by talking it up with her and i bet more plans will come out of the first date.

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    aww ! umm i think you should talk to her as much as you can, and tease her a bit but nothing to mean! once you get to know her better you can ask her to hang out with you and then you can build your relationship from there

    hope i helped <3

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    as a girl i would like to know if a guy liked me...so talk to her...try flirting alittle...and if that works...then i think you should tell her how you feel...but have confidence in yourself..that is the most important thing

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    Talk to her... and help her out with those math questions.. .and if she doesnt have any questions about math have her explain some to you ( even if you understand them it will start your conversation)

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    get to know her...just start talking and she'll listen as long as what you're talking make sense...example ask her if she likes music then what kind of genre...then that will follow all kinds of conversations you like to talk to...

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    i'll grab her behind... and say hey baby... would you hang out with me for some more fun?

    well, at least it will get her attention...

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