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can someone tell me what jobs you can get if you have a degree in zoology. what does a zoologist do (any info)

i would like to know anything about zoology.

because i want a career in animals

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    lots of things -

    work at a zoo as a variety of occupations

    work at an aquarium - variety of occupations

    some agricultural extention offices hire zoologists for animal recovery/control work

    check out a career oriented website for more - these are just a few places to start

    you might also look at being some type of lab assistant at a local college as either a researcher or instructor

    Source(s): i have a BS and MS in Biology
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    I have a degree in zoology and work as a wildlife biologist. I specialize in ornithology (the study of birds). You can work in a zoo, museum, for a government agency (US Forest Service, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, etc.), a university, a non-profit organization, or an environmental consultant firm.

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    Zoologists study animals. You could work at a zoo or study animals in the wild.

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    I am a Canid ethologist working with a group of behavioral geneticists studying dog behavior. ( ethology is a branch of zoology dealing with the study of animal behavior in the wild; at one time I studied Canis lupus arctos in Alaska )

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