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Is there a way to complain to Yahoo about a specific ad on the site?

I really have issues with the McDonalds "Burgercon" ad that blares "burgercon" every time you enter a page its placed on.

I have Asperger's Syndrome and have an extreme sensitivity to sudden loud noises. I work a high-stress job in the fraud prevention department of a bank. When I get home I usually go to my laptop, put Springsteen on the media player, plug in my earphones and surf yahoo while I unwind. As soon as I click on a page with the ad, it blares that stupid burgercon thing before I can hit the mute button. It startles me about as bad as a normal person would feel right after hearing a car backfire right behind them.

Don't tell me to buy an ipod or anything like that. I shouldn't have to spend money because an advertiser can't design an ad thats effective without being disturbing to some people.

I don't mean to be a complainer or a stiff shirt, I just want to have some peace while I try to unwind my way

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    Email your complain at Yahoo! at these addresses: (Y! Customer Support)

    Contact Yahoo by phone:

    Yahoo! Customer Service



    Yahoo Personal Email: 866-492-4664

    Yahoo Small Business: 866-562-7219

    8am - 5pm M-F (Pacific Time)

    You can also fill out these "Online Help" forms, which lets Yahoo know that you're experiencing that problem as you have mentioned here, and wait for a reply from Yahoo Customer Support:

    You can also contact Y/A staff at See if you get a response without listing your personal information.

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    Ha ha. I never noticed - I haven't seen the ad yet. The first respondent's links are those that I also intended to suggest.

    But isn't there a way to just disable the sound on your Internet browser? I would think there is, but I'm not sure. Perhaps if you messed around with 'Sounds' in the Control Panel.


    K. I found something. Under Internet Options > Advanced, there should be a "Multimedia" section. One of the options is to "Play sounds in web pages." Uncheck it. (Of course, then you can't hear sounds from *anything* online, but that certainly wouldn't bother me unless I was listening to music on MySpace.)

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
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    I'll be watching the answers, too. There was one ad some time ago that was so busy with animation that it used to freeze my computer. Others are just plain irritating, so much so that I wouldn't buy the product advertisied even if I were in dire need of it.

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    Go to "forum" on the top of the page!

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