How conclusive are HSV tests (both culture and blood tests)?

Its a long story so get ready....Four years ago I had a blood test done for STDs and it came back positive for HSV-2. About half a year later I went to another clinic and got a second opinion with another blood test and it came back negative. A couple weeks ago a lesion formed on my chin, which I initially thought was a pimple, but was not healing with blemish treatment and began to spread and became filled with fluid. When I was younger I had shingles so I thought they may have been it. I went to the clinic and got a culture test done and the result came back positive for HSV-2. I can only wonder if I go back to get a blood test if that will come back negative! I read that the blood test are less accurate than the that true? Also, is it possible to have HSV-2 on your face?

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    Yes unfortunately, you can have hsv2 on your face, in your mouth, etc. I would assume that you do have it, if you positively did not the test would never come up positive. From the tests I have had my OBGYN could tell the levels, I guess, of the infection in my body from a blood test. Try the test again, or try a different doctor.

    My heart goes out to you!

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