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Please help. My ipod forze up and is totally erased.?

I was trying to upload some new songs to my ipod and after I plugged it into my computer a little box came up and said that my ipod could'nt be successfulyy updated and that an error had occured. No biggy huh? So I unplugged my ipod and it was froze. It came back on a few seconds ago, but now everything on it is erased. My itunes library is still there, but now I cannot upload my ipod again. Could someone please help me...I love my ipod and don't know what to do.


Thanks lenny, but whare is my windows explorer located?

Update 2:

Okay, now my ipod isn't in my computer anymore and my ipod is frozen with the little apple on the screen. What am I supposed to do now? I reopened itunes and nothing happened.

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    Plug it into the computer, and find it under Windows Explorer. if it's not there, then it's a hardware issue- that really sucks. if that's the case, you'll need to get it fixed or replaced. If it does appear, then right click on it and go to Properties, tools, Disk Check. (or something like that). let it go, That should fix the error. see if it will update. if you can get it to appear into iTunes, then it will be easy for you to put all the songs back on it. if it's frozen while unplugged, and you were trying to listen to something, then reset it by holding the menu and center buttons simultaneously. hope that helps.

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    This was another best answer from another question I just typed "frozen ipod"


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    to unfreeze it, you press and hold the menu and center buttons( to restart the ipod) for about 6 secs until the apple logo comes up on the screen

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    ok ...if you cant put anything on it then try restoring it. If that doesnt work then plug your ipod in and close itunes and everything. go to my computer and find your ipod. then right click on your ipod drive and click format. then check the box that says quick format then click start. this will erase EVERYTHING on your ipod. which is good. so after that it should say it completed successfully bla bla bla.. then unplug your ipod and plug it back in. open itunes and it should say something about your ipod. it will tell you to restore it restore your ipod and then your ipod will be like a brand new ipod. try putting everything back on and post back if it works. good luck=]

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    You need to get IPOD care loaded in your computer. It will help keep viruses off it. Tune it up, and helps you make a back up, in case you have a problem. Cost 20 bucks. Easy to find.

    Don't know if you can restore it.

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    go to the apple store and tell them

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