How can i look pretty with makeup?

i've always tried to put makeup on and have always failed. im artistic, but i can never put it on myself. i try to think of it a canvas, but idk. it never works. i wanna look natural and pretty, but not load my face with makeup. my hair is really frizzy, or puffy and i have tried everything, but nothing works except for heat appliances. and that takes too much time and damages hair. so, any tips about hair and face, that doesnt take too much time? andd some tips for formal occasions.i really look like crap with the makeup. i can do hair okay, but i really screw up with makeup(mainly foundation;its always uneven)

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    Lets see if my magicical fingers can explain this through words.....

    ok wet your hair

    then apply gell

    use a strong brush and apply hair moose

    for your make up I think that a perfect look for every one is a little black eye-liner bottom only and

    a shiny tinted clear lip-gloss coz lipstick is soo old it seems so old lady! antywayz for the last two

    use a little pink blush and this last one is a li'l exra I reall don't like it but most do a litle gold shimmery eye shadow (not glittery stuff) for some some mascare

    I know it sounds like a lot but once you try it it looks like a natural look

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    DO NOT USE A BUNCH OF FOUNDATION AND STUFF. If you absolutely must wear makeup use a powdered eyeshadow and maybe some mascara and lip gloss and that's all. You will ruin your skin if you use foundation and powder and it smells and boys don't like it.

    As far as your hair goes, use frizz-ease or just don't wash it as often. You really only need to shampoo every three or four days.

    Don't listen to the crazy plastic women on here. You're pretty without makeup.

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    For your hair, look into a smoothing shampoo. My hair is like yours and I use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine shampoo and conditioner. Spray in a light leave in conditioner to smoother frizz then towel dry. Next spritz in a pre-heating solution (I use one by Suave - $2 at CVS) and let your hair dry completely. Then straighten your hair. That should redice frizz and damage and it's relatively hassle-free.

    For makeup, just go for a light powder for touchups and little imperfections. Perhaps a light, shimmery pink eyeshadow that looks good on everyone and brightens your eyes. Touch up with a little mascara and highlight your cheeks with a bit of bronzer. For formal occasions opt for a slighter darker shadow that compliments what you're wearing. You don't need to have fancy makeup. Try or for some good, cheap makeup.

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    Your Face in not a canvas.. What girls are trying to do when they put on make up is look a certain Way.. Meaning Young.. Cute Beautiful.. You are young and your Very Cute..and look Beautiful!!! Soo I guess there is no reason for you to put any makeup on.. Well Wear colors that blend with your skin and youll be good.

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    For makeup you shoud wear maskara because its not hard to put on and it makes your eyes stand out. For your frizzy hair i would use hairspray and look for a shampoo that helps with frizzy hair. I have really frizzy hair 2 but i usually just use hairspray. And when your putting on foundation you should lightly dab it on and count how many times you dab it on so then it not uneven. Then you lightly rub it.

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    Wear mineral makeup. It's light and easy to apply. Apply it lightly...don't load up on it because it could make you look overdone. Also wear a little bit of mineral blush..just a little to give you a healthy flush. Swipe on some chapstick to hydrate your lips. That's it. You could also swipe on some clear mascara to define your lashes.

    This look is extremely natural and that's why I love it.

    I personally hate looking too overdone.

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    if it's the foundation you have a hard time with, it might be that you use the wrong shade. and it can be hard to find the right one. you should try a sheer foundation, with a makeup sponge. then to cover any blemishes, use a coverup stick, and blend that in (do that before the sheer foundation). the sheer makes it easier to get even.

    but in general, if you don't think the make up looks good, don't wear it! no one really needs any.

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    Same problem! As for the hair, try a mousse, with a defuser it curlz ur hair so it doesnt become too frizzy and does become curly!

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    here you go: first of all, if you dont want to look to "wow" with it, and you dont wanna mess it up, NO EYELINER!!! second of all, if you have blue eyes, wear a little brown eyeshadow on the lid. if you have brown eyes, wear a little blue eyeshadow on the lids. if you want to wear a little mascara, then you can wear a little of that but dont overdo it! good luck! plus unless you have acne or really bad skin or something, dont worry about base or foundation cuz you will regret it when it gets inside of your pours and it WILL make you have pimple problems!

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