can you ever find what you are looking for on yahoo answers?

well can you?


::: and to answer the person below me ... it has NOTHING at all to do with singles and dating... just a random question that anyone can really asnwer.

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    well u can eliminate racists (or find them), cooking enthusiasts (or baked beanavours)

    im looking for people who are smart, intelligent, good natured, good humoured, respectful-

    i love beautiful minds

    but if i was to look for someone for a date or a potential partner/wife, look, there's a lot of beautiful minds out there, looks is another issue,

    i can communicate via email etc, im sure it would be possible if i tried

    and i know i could if i wanted to, im not that much into looks anyway, but the person needs to be easy going so if thats settled im sure ill have a good friend....

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    That depends on what you are looking for, now doesn't it?

    What does your question have to do with Singles & Dating?

  • 1 decade ago

    sure you can

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