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What should I do to make my penmanship become good? Any advice will do.?

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    try this for starters:

    on a clean sheet of paper, write the following figures:

    O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I O I

    do that until you can write a good and straight vertical line and a perfectly even circle.

    with that figures, you can actually form easy letters in the alphabet like letter "b", letter "d", etc.

    the next exercise would be:

    O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O --- O ---

    with the above figures, you can form letters "e", letter "f", etc.

    hope this helps

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    Just relax your hand, hold the pen to where it feels comfortable, and write when you find how your wrist feels less strained. When you write left your wrist a little and let the pen move it.Those are some major problems with bad handwriting.

    Next, find a favorite story or poem of yours and copy it down. If you mess up just keep going. Don't switch back and forth between cursive and printing. Stick with one of them to practice with. I also like to write lyrics of songs as I listen to them because it helps me write faster.

    If it doesn't get better after awhile, than maybe it's just your hand writing trying to tell you something. Like become a doctor :D

    Don't feel bad, though. Some people have really good penmanship while the rest of ours stinks. My printing is horrible, cursive is the one I like better though. I can decipher it better ;-)

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    I really can't think of any other way than practice, while it might improve some, you might never be a calligrapher.

    Try holding the pen differently, loosely. Try not to move your wrist so much, or lay your hand down too heavy on the paper. Try not to grip the pen too tightly.

    Tracing is a good way to practice, too... tracing over nice handwriting. You can probably print a nice script font in size 16 or 18 in a light color and trace over it with a pen.

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    Try tracing over different fonts after you type on the computer. You can even get fonts that show lines and arrows that kids use when first learning to write...both print and cursive.

    Also, if you have someone who can write for you to trace..that works too. I do that for my 11 year old with his cursive.

    Also, practice your keyboarding...other than signing your name it's probably more important than your penmanship.

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    I find that my handwriting gets worse when I'm in a hurry. When your doing the practice or other exercises that others have suggested, slow down and focus on the form of the letters. You may be a lot like me - you know cursive but you're in a hurry or impatient. College really did it in for me, with taking all those notes in a hurry.

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    Try the :"Handwriting Without Tears" program for remedial work in cursive writing/printing. The link is below:

    I believe it is created by an occupational therapist and can be used by people of any age. I have heard many say it is very helpful.

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    We tackled this as one of the first things of home schooling. Our son was in 8th grade, public school, and did not write in cursive.

    I have a neat handwriting, so I wrote out things for him to copy. There were a few free examples I found on line for him to copy. His handwriting is better. His typing is what saves him in his studies. (smile)

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    I'd love to know this too...

    I'm an ABSOLUTE ******* GENIUS, but I my writing gives the appearance that I have had 4 drinks... I've actually tested this with someone in a Psychology class I had...

    Practice is not the answer... Don't believe that... I've been writing for the past 18 years of my life...

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    Practice, it can work, but only if you really try to do it right. Also relax your hand, if you grip the pencil in a death lock, your writing will be awful.

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    Practice different ways of writing, like slanted and the way your hand leans. It sounds crazy but it worked for me.

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