nitrogen, oxygen, argon & carbon diaxide are? {multiple choice}?

nitrogen oxygen argon&carbon diaxide are? a.4most comon gases in the atmosphere b.CFCs c.Causes of the greenhouse effect

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    The most probable answer is probably intended to be a. However, if water vapor is included in the list, it would take the #3 or #4 spot, depending on the ambient temperature and relative humidity. Otherwise, the constituents are listed in decreasing order of abundance in the natural atmosphere.

  • Kemmy
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    a.4most comon gases in the atmosphere

    nitrogen = 78%, oxygen = 21%, argon = 1%, carbon dioxide = 0.03%

    b. isn't correct because CFC is chlorofluorocarbon

    c. only carbon dionxide causes the greenhouse effect

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    a. most common gases in the atmosphere.

  • 1 decade ago

    A: Most common. They make up something like 99.5% of the air we breathe.

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    most common gases in the atmospher

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    a is the answer

  • Norrie
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    a)...Most common.

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