Getting through mind blocks?

ok i'm a power tumbler and i've been tumbling for most of my life and lately i've been struggling with learning new harder skills. I think my biggest problem is that whenever i try a new skill or think about trying one the worst case senereo usually pop into my head and more often or not i visualizebreaking my neck or dying or any one of many nasty fates. Are their any tricks anyone can suggest to prevent this train of thought so that i can progress and learn new skills.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok--here's something I've developed/tried with pretty good success. Most visualization/ afirmation exercises have you say various positive phrases out loud to yourself. To extend this further (and I think more successfully) record yourself discussing the visualization and then play it back. To make this work, A) you have to record yourself speaking with a confident and positive nature B) It HAS to be your own voice--This is important. By doing so, you're approaching your fear/anxiety from multiple angles with more than one technique. Good luck.

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