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when to take a baby out of a crib?

my son is 2 and 5 months old and i bought a big bed for him but he wants to sleep in his crib when is a good time to try and put him in a bed and any advise on how to help him to like it


my son is 2 and 5 months i only have 1 child also he never trys to climb out of his crib that is what i was scarded of that he would climb out but he never does

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    He should be out of his crib by now. You will have to take the crib apart and put some really cool blankets on the toddler bed like Cars, Spiderman, etc. and tell him that he is a big boy now, that he can sleep in his big boy bed.

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    I would think the best thing to do is to tear down his crib so that he realizes that he no longer has the crib as an option. Maybe take things from his crib like some stuffed animals or even the mobile and put them in or by his new bed to help the transition. Show a lot of enthusiasm at his new bed and do fun things in it such as reading him a story while you both sit on the bed or play toys with him while sitting on the bed during the day. Just everyday things that will get him more used to it and show him how great it is that he has a new bed. Buy him a new comforter set and let him pick it out. I don’t have any kids of my own so I don’t have any experience with this issue but these are just some thoughts I had. Hope they were helpful and good luck.

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    We bought my daughter a big bed at age 2 and 1/2. She loved it, but did not want to sleep in it. We took her crib down when she was 2 and 9 months (because her room was so cramped with two beds!) and she was fine.

    If he's not jumping out of his crib, there's no reason to force him out. You could get him special sheets for his new bed or just really talk up the Big Boy angle. Tell him he will be just like his parents and his older friends. Kids usually go for that type of talk.

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    Make sure you have a guard rail for the sides. Just make it a "big boy" treat.

    If he doesn't climb out of the crib, and you don't need it for a sibling, let him stay in the crib a bit longer. Help him transition by telling him how exciting it will be to be in a big bed! Get him psyched up for the change.

    Don't forget, if he doesn't climb out of the crib, he will be able to climb out of bed...

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    Take him out of the crib when he starts to climb out so that he won't hurt himself. Try a toddler bed before you put him into a regular bed. They use a crib mattress and are fairly inexpensive. Some have characters on them and might be an incentive to get him to sleep in it. Its also closer to the floor if he moves around a lot and might fall out of a regular bed. After he has slept in the toddler bed for a while have him pick out the sheets he wants for his big bed. Make it a big deal for his birthday. You can't sleep in that bed till you're three. Then he'll be excited to switch beds.

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    My oldest daughter moved to a big bed when she was about 15 months old. It was a piece of cake. She was excited about it, and she was content to be there without getting out and all that.

    My younger daughter, however, is almost 2 and still in a crib. She's incredibly active, and can probably climb out of the crib, but it still seems safer to keep her there than have her roaming around. She's ready, though. She sleeps fine in a big bed when we're traveling, and she really wants to be a "big girl."

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    My son is 21 mos old and I just moved him to a toddler bed - ONLY because he was jumping out of his crib. I'd say to keep your DS in the crib until he wants to sleep in the bed. maybe make a big deal out of the bed and leave the mattress in his room and let him look at it and play with it and have him determine when he's ready. At least he's still contained in his crib and can't run around.

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    Ok...I have twins my daughter used to climb out of her crib and was totally ready for a toddler bed so I decided to buy two and put both of them in beds. My son was not ready and loved his crib and for at least 2 years after he used to say that he wanted his crib back. If I had to do it again I would have let him keep it. They like their cribs and it makes them feel secure. Let him stay in it until he crawls out or he is ready to go to a big boy bed.

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    How old is your son? Do you have 2 sons ages: One being 2 years old and one being 5 months old? If you will revise your question, I will edit my answer and give you some ideas on how I managed to wean a child from crib to big bed. Right now I'm a little confused and not sure how to answer.


    Good now I know your son is 2.5 years old or 2 1/2 years old, or, 2 yrs. and 5 mo. old. At first it sounded like you had 2 sons and I wanted to be sure before answering your question.

    He is old enough to switch from crib to big boy bed. A youth bed with rails on both sides. I have 5 children of my own (grown now) and raised 2 foster children plus my 2 nieces and 1 nephew, they are grown now too. We always had 2 cribs and 2 youth beds. The first baby to switch from crib to youth bed was the hardest to make the transaction. I soon realized he was insecure because his surroundings were so different. I was so anxious for him to be a big boy in a big boy bed that I bought him Cow Boy sheets and blankets. Once I realized this was the problem, I put those in the closet and let him use his familiar crib sheets and baby blankets. I put his teddy bear in bed with him too. And, even hung his glow in the dark mobile from the ceiling up over his own bed. He was satisfied with that. And adjusted very well. in about 2 months or so I was able to get the Cow boy blankets and sheets out. He still didn't give up his teddy bear though until he was 4 years old. Hope this helps. Good luck. You are to be applauded for making sure you make the crib to bed switch BEFORE he tries to climb out of his crib. I was also a Pediatric Nurse. I saw many broken arms and mangled legs from babies climbing out of their cribs. The fall is as severe as an older child falling from the top of a bunk bed. Again, good luck with your sons transaction.

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    try using his crib bedding in the big boy bed. also move whatever toys he sleeps with in the crib. Keep the same routine that you orginally had for bedtime with the crib and assure him that everything is going to be ok. Maybe sit on the bed and play for a little while during the day to get him used to it.

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