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dirty under feet?

dirty under feet but i keep then clean (meaning that it is scrubed alot 1 a day)_but I cant keep it clean it becomes dirty again the net time i look and it had not been an hour sincwe u cleaned them

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    Might be the shoes you're wearing. Buy new shoes and make sure to only put clean feet in them. Walking around on tile or wood floors without shoes or socks makes feet dirty very fast.

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    just face it feet get dirty. i mean their on the ground like all day so u can't expect them to stay clean. but it would help if you cleaned the inside of your shoes

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    Are you walking on a dirty floor? Or wearing stinky shoes?

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    Don't rule out foot fungus, or athlete's foot, especially this time of year...heat and humidity and lack of 'airing'. Wear clean socks every day, or twice if you have to!

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  • Anonymous
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    If you are wearing old shoes or FILP FLOPS! they get REALLY dirty

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