Anyone a Legal Secretary?

Is anyone a legal secretary/paralegal? What did you major in? Do you like your job? Good money or would you consider doing something else? Anything would help. Thank you.

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    I've worked as a Paralegal since 1999. I have a Paralegal Certificate, an Associate Degree in Computers and am now about to complete my BBA in Information Systems. After I got the certificate, I was hired as a consultant for a paralegal school and was able to teach for awhile. Now I work for a general practice attorney. Do I like my job? Some days more than others. My BBA is in something else so I guess that answers that question. It is the office I am in that is really the problem, not the career. I do enjoy law so I'm hoping to make my career move laterally to an IT position with a Court in about a year.

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    I have a BS in journalism, and a paralegal certificate. I worked as a legal secretary for a year, and have worked as a paralegal for 6 years.

    It pretty much depends on what firm you're at, and if you like your managing attorney or not, but I hated being a legal secretary. I felt like I was just a typist. I really wasn't used to my full potential. I would often point out grammatical errors to my attorney and he would insist that his way was the right way.

    I prefer the work of a paralegal, but that can vary per office. I'm doing research on cases, filing forms with the state (pretty much any grunt work the attorney doesn't want to be bothered with.)

    Its not horrible money, but its not great money either. I work 40 hours a week, I have a friend who is a paralegal in a litigator's office and she works 60+ hours a week!

    Oh, and lastly, I don't see myself in this career forever. It does have a lot of variety, but sometimes I get down about the clients and their perceptions.

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    I am a legal secretary and I love my job. I didn't go to college, I learned on the job. It's decent money, but I'm not in a market like San Francisco or Los Angeles where they pay a lot more money.

    I was certified as a paralegal by one of my former attorneys, but I don't want to be a paralegal because usually they have to have a certain amount of billable hours, like the attorneys, to get a bonus or raise, etc.

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    Besides the specialized legal secretary positions involving, litigation, immigration, family law, probate, corporate, bankruptcy, intellectual property, etc. here are some basic skill requirements:

    1. Ability to handle more than one attorney, perhaps up to three and complete their assignments in a priortized manner.

    2. Familiarity with computer-driven office software programs such as Microsoft Word 2003, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

    3. Competence in dealing with recordkeeping, entry of attorney time sheets, file setups, calendaring of attorney appointments and scheduling of conference rooms for those very important meetings with clients and other staff members.

    4. Can type at accurate speeds from handwritten copy, via dictating machines, and use a variety of copy machines and facsimile devices.

    5. Knowledge of court forms and especially pleading formats, corporate templates such as leases, releases, UCC-1s, etc.

    6. Be flexible should you be asked to work overtime, after hours or even over the weekend.

    As for Training, most of this comes from on-the-job performance. The initial Education began with simply becoming a very competent "typist."

    Good luck!

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