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Have you ever gotten your palm read? Were the things they said - come true?

Would you reccomend it?

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    My first and only experience was very true.

    It was even more true when I did a taro card

    reading,,,,,,,,it was word for word.

    The most far out and freakiest things came true.

    I laughed it off then ,,,,,, but low and behold I'm

    not laughing anymore !!

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    The man I saw told me things from the past like a secret between my mom and me that I told no one, I mean no one else. He ever told me the exact age I was when my father had cancer. But, I'm still waiting on the guy whose initial is D and has something to do with a car that I'm supposed to be in a relationship with. :-(

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    They never told me about the past, so I dunno. But about my future they said that I would have to divorce once and that I would travel alot.

    The travel thing sounds cool but I would rather not get married now. I mean things like that do effect my feelings so I wouldn't let anyone read my palms anymore.

    Source(s): Get a Tarot Reading instead.
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    i have had it read ....i dont even remember what was said,,i wouldnt recommend it...

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