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good books?

So i kinda gave up reading i got back into it again. The last book i read was Go Ask Alice, and cut, and i thought it was horrible because ive been through that and like nothing in that book was what would actually happen in real life. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any good suggestions on books to read about cutting and drugs and stuff.




well the reason why i like reading them is because it makes me realize that no matter how bad u think ur life is someone else always has it worse, and it makes me appericate my life, so yeah

Update 2:

yeah i no go ask alice was true adn i thought it was good. It was the book cut that i didnt like

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    I read go ask slice also, it tramatized me. lol. but anyway yeah i have a few books.

    *=my personal fav.

    Cutting - Steven Levenkron

    One Child - Torey Hayden *

    That Was Than, This Is Now - S.E. Hinton *

    Crank - Ellen Hopkins

    Smack - Melvin Burgess

    Stoner & Spaz - Ron Koertge

    Inexcusable - Chris Lynch

    Hope this helped, if not you could go to this website it is the barns&noble website on substance abuse in teens.

    Hope everything goes well for you!

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    You do realize that "Go Ask Alice" was a true story? Everything in that book was what would actually happen in real life. Not nothing. It was set in the 60s however - times change.

    Maybe the reason that there aren't any good books on drugs and cutting is that the people doing it aren't in the right space to write books, and the people who write books can't write authentically about it.

    Maybe you should write one?

    Source(s): Similar idea to 'Go Ask Alice' is a book 'Melanie', from the diaries of a teenage girl who killed herself. A true story.. I found it very powerful. It may be hard to find now - I'll try to get more information about it. Some others from Amazon:
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    the sin city comics

    the da vinci code

    Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance

    Source(s): 12.9 reading lvl all thru elementary/middle school
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    the beast its about a girl who gets into drugs its really good its by dean myers. then the truth about forever by sara dessen is really good! um how to be popular by meg cabots really good and last dreamland by sara dessen. i read cut to its such a good book!

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    umm idk about cutting and drugs-- i dont really care to read about those things-- but meg cabot is a good writer, i like her books

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    read "crank"...... i read it and it is loosely based on some1s life...... good book......

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